Uncertainty is growing on cartonboard market in Germany as coronavirus cases rise

Although there was a slight upturn in demand on the German market for carton board and folding cartons in October, there is also growing uncertainty due to the increasing number of coronavirus infections.

Price development for unlined chipboard in Germany

The German market for carton board and folding cartons experienced a slight upturn in demand in October. For the most part, board producers and converters said that order intake was somewhat better than in the previous month. Nevertheless, the demand was not overwhelming.

German producers of carton board and folding cartons are now increasingly rattled by the growing number of coronavirus infections. A few of the respondents interviewed by euwid said that the situation in neighboring Western European countries is occasionally having effects on logistics. For example, it was not always easy to get freight capacity and the classification of some countries or regions as high-risk areas and the associated quarantine rules were causing challenges for companies with regard to lorry drivers.

Other market participants are more relaxed about the situation. They point out there are no delivery bottlenecks at the moment and the availability of carton board is good.



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