Uzbekistan to use technical cannabis for papermaking in years to come

Uzbekistan plans to replace imported paper products on the domestic market within the next several years, that will be achieved through the development of local paper production, including those on the basis of technical cannabis, according to recent statements, made by some senior officials of the Uzbek government and local media reports.


At present imports account for about 90% of the Uzbek paper market, however, there is a possibility these figures will significantly decline already in the short-term.


So far, a number of investment projects for the production of technical cannabis have been launched within the territory of the country. It is planned, most of the future output will be supplied for the needs of the Uzbek papermaking sector.


It is planned, one of such projects will be implemented by the Maltese Melabis company, that will start growing cannabis in the Sardoba region of Syrdarya province of Uzbekistan on a total area of 3,000 hectares.


The volume of investments in the project estimated at US$33 million. In addition to sowing areas, a high-tech plant and several laboratories for the processing of raw materials will be built already during the first stage of the project.


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