Which cities in the world produce the most garbage?

New York City in the USA, generate 2 times as much waste as the other cities in the world so that 33 million tons of garbage are annually produced in this city.

According to Mehr New Agency quoting the Database of Tehran Municipality’s Public Relations, based on estimates carried out. Over 1.4 billion people will have been added to urban population by 2025 while during this interval each person produces around 1.4 Kg of solid garbage per day which is twice the amount of current waste production (with an average of 640 grams of daily waste).

Mumbai generates 11000 tons of daily garbage, Cairo uses its garbage to feed pigs, and the ratio of China’s waste production has doubled compared to its population growth rate. The New York citizens generate twice as much garbage as the other people in the world. It is a general perspective of the conditions of waste production in the world; the statistics showing the major metropolises in the world will face the crisis of waste management in the coming years. It is essential to follow significant planning of waste management to control the amount of wastes at the global level.

The published reports indicate that the rich and wealthy cities of the world- apart from Tokyo, Japan- produce more solid waste than other metropolises. Moreover, based on the data published by the World Bank, New Zealand where each person produces 3.68 Kg waste generate more waste per capita among the developed countries, followed by Ireland, Norway, Switzerland, and the USA. Regarding the combination of the wastes, organic products and food waste are still ranked at the top with 46% of the waste produced by the citizens in different countries. After that, paper and carton with 17% and plastic scraps with 10% are in the second and third ranks.

Which cities produce the most garbage?

According to the studies published by Guardian, New York City is known as the most wasteful and thriftless city in the world; i.e. the largest volume of energy and water consumption happens in New York and New York City people produce twice as much waste as the other cities in the world so that 33 million tons of waste are annually produced in this city. Moreover, among the metropolises, Mexico City after New York produces the highest amount of waste which is estimated to reach 12 million tons per year.  The third highest waste producing metropolis is Tokyo the population of which is over 50% more than Mexico City, but it produces slightly less than Mexico City.

Mumbai is ranked fifth of highest waste producing city of the world. The 50% increase  in waste along with the lack of garbage collection has made Delhi one of the most polluted and dirtiest area of the world.

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