With the new CHP renewable energy accounts for over 80% of Horizon Pulp & Paper’s consumption

renewable energy

Horizon Pulp & Paper (Horizon), the only sack kraft paper producer in the Baltics, inaugurated a new Combined Heat and Power plant (CHP), which will cover the mill’s energy needs and belongs to the company’s €25 million environment-centric investment program, the company announced.

The CHP located at company’s operating site in Kehra, was inaugurated by Arvi Karotam, Mayor of Anija County, and Mohan Vaswani, Chairman and shareholder of Tolaram Group. Attending the event were Tolaram Group’s shareholders Sajen Aswani, Sonny Aswani, as well Horizon’s cooperation partners.

“All electrical and thermal energy produced by CHP is used internally in Horizon mill to manufacture paper. With the new CHP, above 80% of the energy used by the mill is now produced from renewable sources. Due to the CHP and other environmental investments, the mill’s carbon footprint is reduced by 70% from the level in 2010” said Bashyam Krishnan, CEO of Horizon.

The CHP’s thermal output capacity is 25 MW and electricity output capacity 4.4 MW. The equipment for the facility was supplied and installed by Urbas Maschinenfabrik GmbH (Austria). Nordecon Betoon (NOBE) was the main contractor for civil construction and medium voltage system was supplied and installed by Merko Infra. Financing partner for the project was SEB Pank.


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